De Woudkas

The Woodhouse

Some spots are a gift. You will find them when you walk around an extra block. When the sun puts it in the spotlight. Or on Airbnb, when you can no longer handle your working day. Don't think too long about such a gift. Sit there, take a picture or book that stay! That brought us to 'Bergen aan Zee' for a weekend. You don't have to stay long in the forest greenhouse to remember it fondly forever.

Madelon Tekent - Illustration (pen and watercolor) inside a greenhouse: green plants, Persian rugs and a hammock.

So we didn't do much that weekend. What is it, that you only take the time during holidays to really do nothing at all. To get bored. Out of boredom you go and read, or sleep, make something to eat. Or, even worse, a drawing! And if you really don't know what to do because of misery, you take the bike (or be lazy a go for the car) to a village or the beach.

Preferably do this in Schoorl or Groet . Oasis of tranquility where you can walk for hours through the dunes. Usually without having to leash the dog. Several very nice walks into the dunes start from the Buitencentrum Schoorl . With beautiful staircase paths and distant views. There is also a nice gnome path for the kids!

Is all the rest too much for you? Then find some distraction on the beach of Castricum aan Zee . At beach pavilion Club Zand you can watch wonderfully hip people, drink coffee and cocktails. No kidding, I also find that relaxing! And when I am again provided for my daily necessities, I hurry back to the greenhouse. To marvel at everything you only see when you really have the peace to look.

Madelon Draws - Illustration (pen and watercolor) of various nature elements: Shells, Plants, Robins, Bumblebees, Snails

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