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Have you ever stared at a cake for an hour without being able to eat it? It happens to me about 6 times a year. When I get to draw for Robèrt van Beckhoven's magazine. This Master Boulanger and Master Pastry Chef wants to introduce as many people as possible to all aspects of the bakery trade. In the magazine he shares his recipes and the tricks of the trade. I have the honor of illustrating it. Mouth-watering, that is.

Madelon Tekent - Pencil drawing (black / white) of the cover of Meesterlijk Magazine


In this year's first edition, Robèrt goes back to basics: You can read everything about flour. The origin and types. But of course especially how you process it into delicious bread, cake and more goodies.

It still feels a bit unreal. But I really get to make an illustration for the cover of the magazine every time. Finding a suitable and, above all, striking cover image is not that easy. Fortunately, I never do that alone. We discuss several sketches with the team and search until it is right. Sometimes we are out quickly. Other times it takes a little longer. We are always proud in the end.

Madelon Tekent - Photo of cover Magazine showing an illustration of three sandwiches
Madelon Tekent - Page from Meesterlijk Magazine, with illustration (pen and watercolour) of hands with grain.
Madelon Draws - Illustration (pen and watercolor) of three grains of wheat


Madelon Tekent - Illustration (line drawing, pencil) of three sandwiches + explanation about how this sketch differs from the end result.

Baking from the base

From the magazine: “Knowledge of raw materials and techniques is essential in the bakery trade. If you really want to learn how to bake, it is important that you know what you are doing and why. In other words: Baking from the basics.” Every issue starts with this section, you are taken into the bakery world, become acquainted with the basic ingredients and learn to recognize quality.


Madelon Tekent - Illustration (pen and watercolor) of a wooden scoop with flour

A few weeks before a magazine comes out, I receive an email with all the new topics. Every time I feel a slight tension when opening: What can I draw this time? And above all: What challenges will I face?

One theme lends itself more easily to a colorful picture than the other. 'Flower', this time for example, requires some thinking beforehand. The main guest of the opening article has little color of his own. I always try to make drawings that are expressive and a colorful addition. By drawing the wood structure of the shovel with details, I have tried to reinforce the feeling of an (ancient) basic product from nature.

Madelon Draws - Illustration (pen and watercolor) of a stack of pretzels.


No cake this time, to study full focus. But these pretzels (called 'krakelingen' in dutch) had somewhat the same effect on my appetite. Somehow my most productive drawing moments and my 'good appetite' moments always coincide. By the way, I can now hear my dear Robin calling to mind that there is a simple explanation for this: “You are always hungry”. Could be true, of course. But I prefer to blame the seductive reference images that I keep getting sent from the 'Bij Robèrt'-team.

You won't hear me complaining, I just want to say that. These assignments may not be conducive for my thighs, but they do make me very happy. A new issue of the magazine will be published very soon. Would you like to read a copy? Order a single issue , opt for a subscription or find a sales address in the area.

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