A new person.

One of the most special moments in your life. Of course you want everyone to know! How do you ensure that the birth of your child gets the striking announcement it deserves? Go for an original birth announcement with illustration.

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Birth card

Birth card

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custom illustration,
Digital, for personal use.


- 1 illustration
- 1 or 2 rounds of sketches based on wishes
- Format text
- 1 or 2 correction rounds


- Additional illustrations (expansion possible)
- Printing
- Extra correction rounds (expansion possible)

Please do not hesitate to contact me for more information and/or to place an order. I am very happy to take the time to explore the possibilities together.

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How it works.

Op een rijtje


- 1 illustratie voorkant
- 1 Kleine illustratie achter- of binnenkant
- Opmaak tekst
- Regelen drukwerk (indien gewenst)


- Extra illustraties (uitbreiding mogelijk)
- Kosten drukwerk
- Enveloppen


You wish

Before I start drawing I would like to get to know you a little bit. We drink a cup of coffee together, in real life or digitally. Or you send me an email. In any case, we will go through your wishes and ideas in detail. Maybe you already have a concrete idea for the drawing, sometimes that idea is still vague. The new house or your pet in the drawing? Nice! A place that is special to you, a personal family detail? I can incorporate it all into the drawing. That makes it a unique birth announcement.

I'm going to ask you some different questions and present some choices for you to think about. For example, I want to know if you have a preference for a certain size card, a paper type and certain colors. Perhaps you have already collected some pictures that can serve as inspiration, I am very curious!


With all the information in a row I will get started pretty soon. I often make a few different, simple sketches. A starting image to start with. From there you can choose what you want to keep and what is allowed differently. This is how we search until we are completely satisfied.

This sketch phase takes about three weeks. In the meantime, you are already thinking about the text you would like to put on the card.

To work out

Only when we are all 100% happy with the sketch will I start working out the illustration for your birth announcement. Depending on your preferences, I will work with watercolor or the whole will get color in a different way.

In this phase I will present you with a sketch design for the entire card. So you see what the whole will look like, including text, font sizes and colors. Here too we search until it is right.


Your card is completely complete no later than three weeks before the due date. I make sure that there is a 'print-ready' file waiting for the latest information such as names, date and possibly. other details.

This is often the time when expecting parents already get envelopes and make sure that all addresses are noted.

Would you like it if I also arrange the printing for you? No problem! I work with a permanent printer, where I know the way and all types of paper well. During our introduction I would like to tell you more about this printer and show you how you can possibly. can order a proof or paper samples