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Home. How nice that can feel! and how can you miss it. Some places make you proud, don't let go. Perfect for a moving card, a great gift for a friend who is moving.

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Facade portrait

Facade portrait

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custom illustration,
On paper, for personal use.

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How it works.


On paper
300 gr. watercolor paper
Technique: Watercolor + pencil / pen

JPEG and/or PDF
Possibly. print on 350 gr. Watercolor-look paper (ask for the possibilities)

Delivery time

Average delivery time: 4 - 8 weeks.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for more information and/or to place an order. I am very happy to take the time to explore the possibilities together.

Drawing on paper

Are you most happy with an original drawing on 300 gr. watercolor paper? I'd love to get started for you!

You have the portrait made on the basis of one photo of good quality. You can send this to me by e-mail .

The price depends on the format you want to receive.

Digital drawing

Prefer a digital drawing? You can too! You will receive a digital file, JPEG and/or PDF

This variant lends itself well to images on, for example, moving cards or invitations. You can also easily make several prints of it, so that everyone in the family has a beautiful portrait.